Find and realize value in energy planning & operation

By making isolated energy decisions, industrial companies overlook energetic synergies - and thus significant budget and emission savings.


Individual insights, synchronized to the company optimum

RIZM integrates data from production, energy procurement and infrastructure to holistically optimize energy system designs, procurement, control, and production decisions using algorithms. RIZM supports your teams in unleashing synergies. You decide where to start.

Production & Processes
Which production process should you invest in?
When should you produce tomorrow?
Infrastructure & Operation
How do you size your heat pumps?
How will you operate the electric boiler tomorrow?
Which hedging portfolio suits the risk-bearing capacity?
What spot market volumes should you buy?

BMW performes where others struggle

The BMW Group's teams use our software to optimize the energy concept designs of their plants worldwide. This will save them a CAPEX and OPEX budget in the high three-digit million range by 2030.

million EUR energy budget reduction
The software makes it possible to develop cost-optimized transformation roadmaps in a simple way. It is therefore indispensable for companies that want to benefit not only ecologically, but also economically.
BMW Group
Taken from the official success story
• save energy budget & emissions• save energy budget & emissions• save energy budget & emissions
• save energy budget & emissions• save energy budget & emissions• save energy budget & emissions

Find more synergies with holistics

Energy decisions influence each other. Use the high interdependencies to leverage the added value of cross-department and co-optimized energy decisions. For example, the dimensioning of a thermal storage unit's dimensioning influences electrode boilers' optimal dimensioning and purchasing behavior —a chicken-and-egg problem that our AlgoRIZM solves for you.

Long-ranging decisions
• processes and process routes
• energy infrastructure
• futures
• ...
Short-term decisions
• operation of production facilities
• operation of energy infrastructure
• intraday procurement
• ...
efficiency & flexibility
• production scheduling
• efficiency measures
• ...
• electrical
• thermal
• pressurized air
• ...
• hybrid setup
• sector coupling (power2heat)
• ...
energy sourcing & PPA's
• spot market
• futures market
• onsite, nearsite
and Offsite PPA's
• ...

Identify value, operate value oriented, leave no value behind.

With RIZM, you can uncover hidden value potential in your energy concepts and implement and operate them in 15-minute cycles.

Identify value
CAPEX / OPEX Optimization
Review and revise plans and investment projects to find out which costs you can reduce.
Procurement strategy
Find the hedging strategy, the right forward, and PPA quantities for your company's risk-bearing capacity.
Technology selection & dimensioning
Find out the right components and their dimensioning on the way to your climate targets.
Capture value /15-Min Betrieb
Operating energy components
Operate the instrumentation so that a lot is used and stored when energy is green and cheap.
Production Scheduling
Plan your flexible production so that energy is consumed when it is green and cheap.
Spot market procurement
Find out which outstanding energy volumes to purchase on the spot market over the coming days.


across sites

across sites

across departments

across departments

strategic & operative

strategic & operative

Unlock the value hiding in your energy concepts.
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