Game changer.
Path maker.
Future shaper.
We gather a team of great minds, generalists, experts, and nerds. Our team has strong backgrounds and expertise. Care to join us?
Solve meaningful problems.
Energy is at the core of everything.
Build legacy that matters
Sustainable solution with a long lasting positive impact.
Change the world.
We’re impacting the biggest enterprise companies.
Find your passion.
We care deeply about what we do.
Own your impact.
We’re driven to make it happen.
What does it take to change the worlds rhythm?
It takes vision and dedication. Hard skills and soft skills and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

At RIZM, we seek individuals who are bold, curious, and passionate about making a difference in the new energy landscape. We believe in continuous learning and accelerating personal growth.
You + Us = Energy Buzz
We' re on an emission!
We are constantly looking for dedicated and talented people to join our team, whether as interns or full-time employees.

We love diversity and welcome people from different backgrounds and gender identities.

If no vacancy fits your profile, feel free to send an e-mail to!
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