We are RIZM (ῥυθμός, rhythm)
Our team is passionate about shaping the energy of the future.
The Nerd of World
At Stanford University, our CEO, Elias, investigated why the transition to a volatile energy world can only succeed if it is data-driven.

Together with a research team from RWTH Aachen University, ETH Zurich and Stanford University, Elias developed a modular toolset for the industry that supports planning decisions and operations.

In Hot Springs, California, Elias and Philipp (COO) decided to make the competitiveness of industry their mission. In short: to bring the energy world and industry into a RIZM.
Our Mission
Non-networked investment planning and incorrect operating methods lead to massive wrong decisions and misallocations in the industrial transformation.

In order to achieve climate targets and remain competitive, industrial companies must adapt to the volatile rhythm of the new energy world and select and direct the appropriate instruments. We are the baton that courageous decision-makers use to bring a new rhythm to their company.

Our heart beats for the industry and the climate. RIZM IS AN ANSWER.
Elias Küpper
Elias Küpper
Founder & CEO
Thermodynamics & Energy Systems
references Elias Küpper
Joshua Küpper
Joshua Küpper
Founder & CBO
Statistics & Risk Management
references Joshua Küpper
Philipp Otten
Philipp Otten
Founder & COO
Process Engineering & Simulation Sciences
references Philipp Otten
Jana Achilles
Jana Achilles
Senior Customer Success Manager
International Business & Customer Relationship
references Jana Achilles
Johanna Bracke
Johanna Bracke
Energy System Solution Engineer
Energie- & Simulationstechnik
references Johanna Bracke
Maximilian Staib
Maximilian Staib
Head of Engineering
Artificial Intelligence & Algorithms
references Maximilian Staib
Niklas Haag
Niklas Haag
Head of Frontend
Electrical Engineering & Data Flow
references Niklas Haag
Manuel Müller
Manuel Müller
Head of Customer Success
Civil Engineering & Software
references Manuel Müller
And a few more rock stars!
And a few more rock stars!
references And a few more rock stars!
The World through our Eyes
The transition to a future with affordable energy costs and reliable and sustainable energy systems is global.

We want to accelerate this transition and remove all hurdles that unnecessarily complicate and slow down the decision for an appropriate energy strategy.
Unsere Werte
Customer Centered
Our customers are the heartbeat of our symphony. We listen closely, understand their needs, and tailor our product to orchestrate their success.
Defending the Classics
The current energy markets are tense, and there is even more uncertainty ahead. We want to support the companies that our society is built on and help them navigate this crisis.
Composing the Future
In a world facing the challenges of climate change, thinking ahead means building products that resonate for generations. We plan ahead, ensuring our actions today create a sustainable, enduring impact for tomorrow.
One Ensemble
We believe in the power of a well-coordinated team, communicating efficiently and openly. We are a team that reaches goals together and united.
Mc Guyverizm
We think outside the box, adapt to new trends, and use the technologies available to us to reliably solve the most complex tasks.
Rockstar Work Ethic
With a best-in-class team, every member plays a crucial role in our success and is dedicated to giving their best.
The World through our Eyes
Through our software, we revolutionize the energy world and support the industrial sector that backs our society.

We seek passionate and intrinsic driven individuals to boost us forward. Join us in building something HUGE.
We change this planets RIZM.
Running on social energy
Groove with us